Meditation on Value

Value is defined as ethics, merit, worth or good.

All good is a gift from the Creator,

Hence, His creation is always good.

Yet, by abusing our planets’ waterways & ecosystems with our fossil fuel industry addictions & by ‘playing God’ (see Back To the Garden ) through genetically modifying our plant & animal foods, we decrease our valuable resources of clean, air, water, land & food & also detract from our usefulness as stewards of this Earth, its’ biodiversity & the human, animal & plant life on it.Where is the value in that?

Hopefully, we as humans will rediscover & redeem our worth by seeing the greater good in acting to protect our beautiful blue planet & all that the Great Artist created out of love for us. We must value creation to restore it & bring the Kingdom here on Earth because ‘faith without works is dead.’

By Màire Ní Bhroin





About desertflower7

I am an artist and photographer who loves to cook, sculpt and play with words in my spare time. I am single and the proud mother of a wonderful son who, along with his beautiful wife, shares a passion for the Arts.
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