Back To the Garden

Back to the Garden by Máire Ni Bhroin


Let us all join, in one accord

To resist our planets’ plunderers

And all those who would ravage this country

For their own personal gain.

Those who give neither a thought nor a care,

For the lives they may ruin,

With their big oil and gas, big money schemes.

While they sully our clean waters…

And good soil is broken

With big fracking well pads,

Akin to Blakes’ Satanic mills

And this paradise too…is lost.

Let us say no, a thousand times no,

Before our children and their children

And their children too…

Choke on toxic air, water and GMO food,

Before they will cry-“Look Mother, the tap water lights on fire,

I cannot drink it and my bathwater gives me a rash.”

And ask their Father -“Why can’t I breathe this air without gasping…

And should my food taste like shale gas?”,

While the ground keeps on quaking and trembling under their feet.

The greed mongers will smile at their devilish works,

In  cleverly conning  some politicians with no foresight,

And poor honest folks, from whom the truth has been witheld,

Into ruining this precious, sacred country

With the lure of more jobs and the almighty dollar.

Speak up, before our priceless, blue pearl of a planet

Devolves slowly, into a nightmare of hellish destruction,

Done in by big shale gas,pipeline and tarsand project promoters,

And in our blindness, Natures’ perfect balance will be lost.

Before our own backyards and communities,

Become toxic beyond any repair…

Let us shout NO to the oil men…

And shout resoundingly YES to a greener era, of windmills, solar power,electric cars, cleaner air,

Pesticide free farms and land with fossil fuels kept in the ground,

YES! We human beings are rallying and taking our planet back to the future…

Back to the Garden again!

By Máire Ní Bhroin


About desertflower7

I am an artist and photographer who loves to cook, sculpt and play with words in my spare time. I am single and the proud mother of a wonderful son who, along with his beautiful wife, shares a passion for the Arts.
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