In This Small Town

In this little town,

They whisper… in quiet undertones

Irish trash…

Sometimes, the “J” word too.

They think no one can hear,

Or see what they do.

Even the “N” word, at times,

Is murmured behind many a persons’ back.

In this small-minded town.

I suppose this town is, unfortunately,

Like Northern Ireland used to be…

Mired in the hushed toned darkness

Of past hates.

Oh forgive them, again and again…

Please, weep and pray for these towns,

For what they could have been,

And pray more, for what they could be,

And pray too, for those dear people left there,

Struggling to live in peace & liberty.

Presently, some souls are awake,

Now on permanent vacation

From this sleepy, old town mentality…

No one can steal their souls from them

Nor make them cry or bleed,

Dark past being now, just a faded memory.

Yes, maybe one day Love will conquer all…

But, for now just trust in Him,

In this LOVE you will always be free!

By Máire Ní Bhroin


About desertflower7

I am an artist and photographer who loves to cook, sculpt and play with words in my spare time. I am single and the proud mother of a wonderful son who, along with his beautiful wife, shares a passion for the Arts.
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