Remember Peace Where Poppies Grow…

Remember peace where poppies grow

My prayer for those brave, fallen heroes…

Peace, where poppies grow.

Please remember those,

Who fought with courage & gave their lives,

Where poppies red still show.

Don’t forget that in muddy fields they lay dying, so far from home.

They did not die in vain!

For we remember them & all heroic survivors,  

Praying now, peace forever, wherever poppies grow.

by Máire Ní Bhroin


About desertflower7

I am an artist and photographer who loves to cook, sculpt and play with words in my spare time. I am single and the proud mother of a wonderful son who, along with his beautiful wife, shares a passion for the Arts.
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2 Responses to Remember Peace Where Poppies Grow…

  1. I wrote this poem a few years ago in loving memory of all those who sacrificed their lives that we might have freedom & security, for those who were victims of the Holocaust, for those brave survivors of this genocide & for those who emphatically said “never again”. I hope this little poem & the accompanying painting will remind people to be vigilant in preventing & stopping further genocidal atrocities.Peace!

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