Dear Malala,

Oh… daughter so young,

Forgive the brutes of this world,

They stand on quicksand and will sink into oblivion.

Beautiful one, you are a shining star…

No one can deny that you have made a difference

in this time and place…

Dear Malala!

Your sisters will praise your name,

For championing their rights to education.

Pakistan’s daughter and hope for the future,

Your light is brighter now.

A flame of love that will never be extinguished

From our hearts…

Dearest Malala.

by Máire Ní Bhroin


About desertflower7

I am an artist and photographer who loves to cook, sculpt and play with words in my spare time. I am single and the proud mother of a wonderful son who, along with his beautiful wife, shares a passion for the Arts.
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